7 Best Benefits of Video Surveillance for Business

7 Best Benefits of Video Surveillance for Business

Businesses are often vulnerable to robbery, which means that their owners and employees need to take extra precautions when it comes to security. One of the easiest ways to protect your business and reduce the likelihood of burglary or theft, is to install video surveillance for business, which serves as both a deterrent and evidence in case you do get robbed.


Video surveillance can protect your business in several ways. Not only does it deter crime, but it also assists in the investigation of incidents that do occur on your property. These seven benefits of video surveillance for business will show you how to reap the maximum rewards from your security system and keep your assets safe from theft and vandalism.


List of Best Benefits of Video Surveillance for Business

1) Deter theft

Though theft is a low risk in most businesses, every dollar counts. A good surveillance system can deter would-be thieves and get them caught on tape if they do try to steal from you. If someone does make off with something, having video evidence will help you quickly recover and prove your case against them. Since so many people know about cameras these days, showing that footage in court may give you an advantage if it goes to trial. Additionally, a security camera can provide some peace of mind by alerting you when something unusual happens at your store or office. So even if no one steals anything, simply knowing that you have a camera around might be enough to prevent problems before they happen. And, who knows? Maybe seeing yourself on TV will be incentive enough for employees to work harder!


2) Enhance safety

One benefit that’s key to most businesses is enhanced safety and security. A business owner who installs video surveillance for business can protect his or her workers, customers, property, and equipment. Employees working alone after hours or at night, especially in a rural areas, can use cameras as a source of reassurance while they’re alone. Video recording is a solid way to monitor how employees work as well. A camera provides a much more accurate picture than asking someone about what happened; everyone has their own interpretation when it comes to events in their head versus events on video.


3) An insurance requirement

In some jurisdictions, video surveillance is required by law. Insurance companies also require businesses to have video surveillance, as it is a proven deterrent against crime. Additionally, if you have a business in an area with high theft rates (e.g., retail stores near a highway), your insurance company might mandate that you purchase and maintain video surveillance systems to reduce risk. High-definition cameras are more expensive than standard ones, but their extra features can save money down the road when used properly in prevention and incident response situations.


4) Monitor foot traffic and sales

While video surveillance is popularly associated with guarding against intruders and catching vandals, it’s actually useful in much more ways. For example, you can use cameras to monitor traffic flow and employee behavior at a retail store. If your foot traffic drops dramatically during certain times of day or seasons, a security camera could help you find out why and adjust accordingly. At night, surveillance cameras can alert you if an intruder is breaking into your business—or even provide details on how they’re doing it. For example, if someone is kicking in a window, you might see them step back from each attempt as they realize that glass doesn’t break easily.

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5) Support employees

A vital part of video surveillance for business is employee safety. While some criminals might think twice about stealing from a business with security cameras, other criminals are very brazen in their actions. If your company hires vulnerable populations or employs individuals that work late hours, it’s especially important to use security measures to protect them and ensure they feel safe while on duty. Video surveillance can ensure their well-being and create an environment where employees feel secure—which will result in more productivity and decreased turnover. Not only that, but it can also offer peace of mind by notifying you if someone shows up after hours when no one should be there.


6) Prevent employee theft

If you run a business, employee theft is likely an ongoing concern. That’s why it pays to have a surveillance system in place. As many as 45% of businesses lose money to theft every year, and it’s hard to know whether that number is just due to employees or if some customers are taking products on their way out. Installing video surveillance lets you see exactly what’s going on in your store, meaning you can catch thieves when they happen and take action against them. And with no additional out-of-pocket costs like monitoring services (you don’t even need a DVR), video cameras are one of the most affordable ways for business owners to protect themselves from loss.


7) Provide peace of mind

Most businesses that have suffered a crime didn’t have any video surveillance equipment in place. That is why so many business owners are finding peace of mind by investing in cameras for their businesses. A high-quality camera can deter criminals from attacking your business and help to identify those who may hurt or rob you. Video surveillance for business is affordable, giving even more people peace of mind that comes with having high-quality security on site. By knowing you’re protected from harm and theft, your employees can feel safe while they work; they will also be able to focus on providing excellent customer service, which increases your sales and leads to future growth.


Summing up Video Surveillance for Business

While most businesses have to overcome tight budgets, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy some of the same benefits as big corporations. One such benefit is video surveillance. If your business has a physical location, a few cameras might help you feel more secure in an increasingly digital world—and it could also be helpful to deter bad actors from trying to break into your building or steal from your company. Although installing cameras may seem like a lot of work at first, these devices can actually improve safety and security by providing real-time footage (with sound) to authorities in case something goes wrong. By investing in security cameras for businesses, you get peace of mind knowing that an accident is less likely to occur if someone is watching over everything.


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