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Gabriel Moenga
Gabriel Moenga Operation Manager at Corporation Sector
The single most critical problem that Rajant solves for us is that it enables us to have a private network capable of handling mobility, audio, video, or data from fixed or mobile assets on a private network with great dependability.
Victor Prasad
Victor Prasad Vice President at Mining sector
Because the mines move every day, a fixed network is just not feasible, and Rajant is amazing in providing a dynamic flowing network for day-to-day operations.
Micah Kilian
Micah Kilian Network Manager at Retail Sector
We are quite pleased with HeimdalTM product as an exceptional solution since it assisted us in achieving our aim of migrating to a cloud-managed solution with many additional benefits. Engineers provide excellent service in a matter of minutes. Others should use HeimdalTM Threat Prevention as an example.
Fredrick Mainz
Fredrick Mainz Sales Director at Services Industry
Third-party software patching is silent and automated, which is wonderful for our users. HeimdalTM is the most comprehensive endpoint security tool on the market in our opinion. Very simple to use and deploy, with management through a centralized console.
Chumba Murgor
Chumba Murgor Director at Public Transport
The Axis security cameras have exceeded our expectations. They feature high image quality, are long-lasting, dependable, and simple to use. The cameras have been a huge help in our attempts to curb crime and damage.
Zipporah Edavale
Zipporah Edavale Director of Operations
We've been using Axis cameras for years, and following a large internal benchmarking test a few years ago, we stopped using any other manufacturers for our mining equipment. AXIS 221, our first camera used at a mining firm, is still operational at a gatehouse after many years.
Ricahard Mwangi
Ricahard Mwangi Security Chief
We were pleasantly surprised by POLUS-ST Radiobarrier CSS, a UGS security system that helped us with area surveillance and perimeter protection in zones with little to no access to communication and infrastructure.
Mutuku Mutiso
Mutuku Mutiso Defence Chief
RadioBarrier is an efficient solution for monitoring extended perimeters, securing premises equipment, and mobile assets to protect a remote area in mountainous regions.
Chumba Murgor
Chumba Murgor Manager at private service provider
The 24 x 7 support provided by the team is incredible. Personally, I have never encountered such a committed workforce that is constantly focused on the needs of the consumer. HoduCC provides dependable software, reliable customized services, and excellent customer support.
Zipporah Edavale
Zipporah Edavale Communication Head at private service provider
The entire experience with HoduCC contact center software has been positive. We've been using it for a year and have had a good experience thus far.
Zawadi Mwema
Zawadi Mwema IT manager
Our business resilience is protected by Nutanix's self-healing capabilities and high availability features. We have not had any server downtime yet, even during firmware or software changes. Our IT staff has also enjoyed a significant increase in efficiency, as apps and VMS can now be released to the market in minutes rather than days, and our team now has more time to focus on app development work.
Vincent Ndirangu
Vincent Ndirangu IT Director
With the built-in disaster recovery features of @Nutanix, spinning up three terabytes takes minutes rather than hours. I'm more thrilled about the future than I am about what Nutanix has done for us in the past.
Obadiah Mwake
Obadiah Mwake Executive Director
We are delighted to be working with TradeSoft Company. We can give a better service to our clients because of the sophisticated software built by TradeSoft Company, which allows us to provide them with an online store with a user-friendly layout and easy navigation, allowing them to make orders in no time!
James Mayore
James Mayore IT Manager
We are quite delighted with our partnership with TradeSoft Company. Both the product quality and the efficiency of the staff are excellent. The software's stability is ensured by technical assistance and qualified personnel. We wish TradeSoft Company continued success and stability, as well as highly qualified employees and innovative and exciting products!
Charles Mworia
Charles Mworia Project Head at production firm
The Motionlab Platform provided us the opportunity to innovate without constraints. The campaign we created for Notino demonstrates how video personalization can help companies communicate with customers, and for us as a creative video production firm, this offers up a world of new creative possibilities.
Newton Mugaisi
Newton Mugaisi Account Director at Motionhouse
We were able to easily design a tailored video campaign thanks to Motionlab technology. We were pleased with the concept that opens a lot of new possibilities for creativity, and the Motionlab Platform gave us the freedom to create without any limitations.
Benson Wanjari
Benson Wanjari Industry Expert
PLANET Technology is far more valuable than I paid for it. PLANET's IP-based networking devices and solutions are just what our company has been missing. Very simple to use. For the past five years, we've relied on their services and solutions.
Martin Millton
Martin Millton Technical Engineer
PLANET Technology's network and communication solutions have exceeded my expectations. It's fantastic. Everything we require is in the R&D of transmission-based network and communications solutions.
Okemwa Millicent
Okemwa Millicent Parent
We are delighted to have discovered the greatest 21st-century coding platform for my child. My child is having fun learning to code with the Kodris game-based learning platform. Kodris, thank you!
Fridah Ndegwa
Fridah Ndegwa Teacher
Our students are able to create platform-independent applications using Kodris. Kodris is one of the most popular learning platform among African students, because of its easy-to-write and easy-to-understand syntax, which makes learning how to code truly enjoyable for students.